Klondike Gold Rush

The Discoverers of Gold discoverers1

Skookum Jim, a Tagish Kwan man of the Dakl'aweidi Clan, became a person of great influence in the southern Yukon. After he died, his estate provided a trust fund for the education and advancement of Yukon native people. This money helped to build the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre in Whitehorse.

Skookum Jim.
YA, Skookum Jim Oral History Project fonds, 88/58
#34, PHO 480.

Dawson Charlie in Seattle, 1898. This Tagish hunter and trapper became one of the richest men in the Klondike. Until his death by drowning in 1909, he lived lavishly in Carcross, where he owned the Carcross Hotel.
Dawson Charlie.
YA, MacBride Museum coll., #3870.
In 1900, George Carmack abandoned his wife Kate for a white woman. Later he sent for their daughter, Graphie Grace, who married in Seattle and never returned north. Kate Carmack moved back to Carcross where she lived simply until her death in 1920.
Kate Carmack.
YA, Anglican Church of Canada General Synod Archives fonds, 78/67 #303, PHO 91.
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